Top Surgeries To Enhance The Profile


A facial profile is the outline of a face when viewed from one side. Whether realized or not, most people find a well-balanced profile to be more attractive, youthful, and likable. However, many people feel they only have one “good side,” the side they always show the camera, and are unhappy with a specific part of their profile.

Many procedures can help patients achieve a more balanced and attractive profile. Below are the top surgeries that help patients enhance their facial profile while minimizing the signs of aging.

Lip Augmentation

Lips are one of the most prominent features of the face. Lips start out full and smooth, but over time, they may develop wrinkles and thin out. As lips become thinner with age, some individuals wish to enhance them to appear more youthful. Others may be dissatisfied with their naturally thin or flat lips and want to correct them.

Lip augmentation can improve the appearance of the lips and mouth by adding volume and fullness, eliminating wrinkles, and making them more youthful and balanced with the face. Options include fillers, implants, or possibly a lip lift.

However, if the lips are naturally oversized, a lip reduction will reduce the size of the lips, creating balance, so that the mouth is more proportionate with the profile.

Facial Implants

Many people don’t realize that facial structure can naturally change shape with age or weight fluctuation. So, what began as a nicely balanced profile might change over time. Facial implants can make a profound impact on the appearance of the face, as they restore lost facial contours due to aging or injury.

Facial implants can correct an undefined jaw, a weak chin, or sunken cheekbones. They can add definition, restore volume, and improve the overall balance of a face. The results are subtle and natural, yet patients receive dramatic improvement.

Chin Augmentation

One of the most popular procedures to enhance a facial profile is chin augmentation. This procedure can dramatically improve the profile by altering the facial shape, specifically the jawline. For example, if a patient has a rounded face and neck, a chin implant will help create a more angular face shape, improving the balance between the cheekbones, nose, and chin.

A successful procedure will dramatically improve the overall balance of the face. Chin implant surgery creates a small incision on the inside of the mouth or under the chin, so any scarring is minimal and hidden. Results are subtle and natural, yet they provide dramatic improvement, a stronger profile, and overall, a more proportional look.


Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is designed for those wishing to refine and reshape their nose. Some patients feel that their nose is the most prominent or flawed feature on their face and want to correct the size, shape, width, or bump on the tip of the nose. Rhinoplasty works to improve the appearance of the nose and balance it with the rest of the face, allowing it to blend in and not stand out.

Rhinoplasty can be a life-changing procedure for patients. Many people report increased confidence, improved self-esteem, and even easier breathing.

Neck Lift

A sculpted jawline and a wrinkle-free, firm neck are associated with youthfulness and health. But over time, skin in the cheeks, jaw, and neck loses its elasticity and sags. This loss of contours in the face and neck may be the result of genetics, gravity, stress, and environmental conditions. By tightening the skin around the neck and removing excess fat, patients can dramatically improve their profile.

However, not everyone that’s unhappy with their neck needs neck lift surgery. For example, if a patient is only concerned with excess fat under the chin, this can be addressed with liposuction. But if the neck has loose, excess skin or muscle banding, then a neck lift may be the most appropriate choice.

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