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Three Key Things to Know About Butt Augmentation

Butt Augmentation

If you’d like to improve the appearance of your backside, a buttock augmentation is a popular choice.

As you research this procedure, consider these three key things to know about butt augmentation.

  1. Options for a Butt Augmentation

We offer two options for butt augmentation. Both are safe and effective, but our team can help advise you on which one will best suit your unique situation and help achieve your goals.

  • Brazilian Butt Lift – A procedure that does not require implants but uses fat from other areas of your body. During this procedure, the doctor transfers your body fat to lift the buttocks and create your desired shape.

    In general, you are a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift if:

    • You want a buttock augmentation without implants
    • You have adequate fat stores in other areas to harvest for injection into the buttocks
    • You are willing and able to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for several weeks
  • Butt Implants – This procedure starts with the creation of a well-hidden incision, typically in the center of the buttocks crease (the sacrum). A pocket is then formed above, below, or within the gluteal muscle. One of our surgeons then carefully places the implant within the pocket before completing the procedure by closing the incision with sutures.

    In general, you are a good candidate for butt implants if:

  • You want to increase the fullness, roundness, and projection of your buttocks.
  • You want to improve the balance of your figure.
  • You are willing and able to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for several weeks.
  1. Your Shape Will Change

Even though butt implants produce immediate results, a Brazilian Butt Lift will take six months to a year for the fat transfers to settle.

Also, keep in mind that changes in weight could also affect your butt’s appearance and shape. It’s best to be at your goal weight before getting a Brazilian Butt Lift.

  1. Be Prepared for Post-Procedure Downtime

Recovery for either procedure is important and time-intensive. Even though you may be up and walking within a couple of days after a butt augmentation procedure, you will not be allowed to put any pressure on the buttocks for several weeks. This makes sitting, lying, and sleeping challenging.

During recovery, expect these restrictions:

  • You will not be allowed to sit or lie directly on your buttocks for at least 8 weeks after surgery. You will need to sleep on your stomach or side.
  • You will be given a compression garment to treat the areas where the liposuction was performed. You will need to wear this garment for at least 8 weeks after surgery.
  • Most patients will be allowed to resume all normal activities 8 weeks after surgery.
  • Even after the first 8 weeks of recovery, patients should still avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time and should use a cushion when sitting.
  • Be patient. After surgery, you’ll see a lot of bruising and swelling. It could take as long as 6 months before your body will reveal the final result. That’s all part of the healing process.

You, of course, should confirm your post-operation recovery plan with your doctor, but know going into surgery that the healing period may be long.

Find Out Which Butt Augmentation Procedure Is Right for You

Our team is committed to helping you navigate the options for butt augmentation. We want to help you get the figure you’ve been dreaming of! Butt implants or a Brazilian Butt Lift may be the right procedure to help you reach your goals.

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Before & After: Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Nashville

A perky, firm backside is a look that many desire. However, sometimes all the squats in the world simply can’t shape this common problem area. Whether it’s due to aging, weight loss, genetics or any other reason, sagging tissue can be a cause of self-consciousness for many women. 

Fortunately, there are several surgical options to help you achieve your desired look. The most common choices among our patients are fat transfer or butt implants. Butt lifts, most commonly known as Brazilian Butt Lifts, is a procedure that does not require implants but uses fat from other areas of your body. 

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a great option for those who are looking to not only shape their derrière but to also trim the waistline. This procedure uses your own body fat to enhance your shape and give you the curves you’ve always wanted. Read on to see what one patient had to say about her recent Brazilian Butt Lift:  

Why did you decide to undergo Surgery?

I decided to undergo surgery because I was unhappy with the excess fat around my stomach and the flat shape of my butt. Before undergoing the surgery, I decided to lose 20lbs to see if I could get the results I wanted. Unfortunately, my butt would not shape up no matter how many squats or lunges that I did. I decided at that time to consider Butt Augmentation Surgery. After my initial consultation, I decided to get a Brazilian Butt Lift rather than having implants put in.

Tell us about your experience with Dr. Marvel and Marvel Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Marvel, as well as his staff, were FANTASTIC! They made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process and they remained professional the whole time. They took the time to answer any of my questions so I felt comfortable with the choice I was making. Their staff really went above and beyond to make me feel valued. After my surgery, I received a courtesy call from their team to check in and see how I was doing. You couldn’t ask for a friendlier team of people!

How has your life changed after your surgery?

My life has changed significantly after my surgery. I am definitely more confident in my appearance! I love trying on clothes and seeing how my body looks!! My belly fat is completely gone and now I have a flattering derrière. I can’t believe how amazing my body looks and feels. Dr. Marvel definitely made my dream come true! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thank you, Dr. Marvel!


If you are interested in learning more about Brazilian Butt Lifts or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Marvel, call 615-329-3900 or click here to schedule an appointment!


Go Brazilian and Get the Butt You’ve Always Wanted (Or Used to Have!)

A shapely backside is celebrated in all cultures, and one way to achieve this highly desirable look is with a Brazilian Butt Lift. If you have flat or saggy buttocks, your bottom has changed shape over time, or you just want more fullness, you’re a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift.

The procedure uses your own fat to create a more natural look. Liposuction is first performed on specific areas of the body, such as the lower back, stomach, and thighs. The fat is purified and then injected into various spots in the buttocks for a pleasing shape and feel. The procedure requires about three weeks of recovery but produces long-lasting results.

With the Brazilian Butt Lift, the risk of infection is low since we’re using your own fat. And because the procedure uses liposuction, it creates a more uniform, shapely and natural enhancement. Give us a call 615-329-3900 or contact us today so you’ll be ready for summer!