Eye Products

Your eyes are the first place to show age because the skin around them is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face. Marvel Cosmetic Surgery & Med Spa has several excellent products that reduce puffiness and diminish dark circles around the eyes.

Teamine Eye Complex

Created by the Revision company Teamine was formulated to reduce dark circles and puffiness under eyes. It has a creamy texture that makes easy to spread over and around the eyes. As the active ingredient in Teamine Eye Complex is Palmitoyl Pentapeptide4 which contains amino acids it allows the skin to create collagen at a faster rate. This product also contains antioxidants which encourage the formation of new skin cells as it flushes away toxins. Read more about Teamine Eye Complex.

DEJ Eye Cream™

DEJ Eye Cream is a moisturizing treatment that helps in the development of skin around the eye thereby minimizing the appearance of aging skin. Its antioxidants strengthen skin and premature signs of aging. Unlike many other eye creams, DEJ Eye Cream may be applied to both upper and lower eyelids.