What are Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

What are Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation is an excellent way to improve the fullness and projection of your breast. There are many implants available that give patients flexibility and control over their final look and appearance. Silicone and saline are the most common materials used to construct implants, but a newer version is making ways onto the market and proving to be a superior choice for anyone wanting the most natural shape possible. Gummy bear implants are made from silicone but provide a completely different look and feel from traditional silicone implants.

Let’s take a closer look at gummy bear implants and see how they differ from other implants available.

What are Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy Bear implants are a newer style of form-stable implants developed to give women the most natural shape possible. They’re constructed with a firm silicone outer layer and a cohesive gel silicone interior. The firm outer layer is thicker than the filling inside, and it’s this firmness that gives these implants the ability to maintain their shape. Comparatively speaking, the consistency of the silicone inside is similar to Gummy Bear candy, hence the name. Gummy bear implants are offered in a teardrop shape. Teardrop differs from circular not just in shape but projection. Implants like this hold less filler in the top, with the weight predominately at the bottom giving more projection than the round implants.

The Benefits of Gummy Bear Implants

Smaller chances of folding or rippling.

The material used to construct the teardrop shaped implants is more resistant to migration. There is cross-linking on each to provide wearers with more stability.

You get a more natural look.

As we previously mentioned, gummy implants are available in a teardrop shape. The rounded bottom and thinner top mimic a natural breast shape, and the gummy silicone inside has a firmness that looks more natural.

Chances are they won’t leak.

Fold lines on the implant usually cause implant leakage. Pressure adds to the stress and can cause them to break at these delicate areas. Gummy bear implants are less likely to leak because they don’t develop these fold lines.

They offer you more stability.

The cohesive gel interior and firm silicone exterior are semi-solid. With such a firm structure, the implants have less opportunity to travel far. Less traveling under the muscle or breast tissue reduces the risk of rupture.

The implants will hold their shape longer.

Gummy bear implants are made from silicone, but the construction is much firmer. The being said, they will have the long-lasting effects of silicone but look more natural and be more durable.

What You Should Know Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Every surgery will start with a consultation with a trusted cosmetic surgeon. During this meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss everything about the procedure and what is the best fit for your body.  A few topic points you’ll want to include are:

– Incision placement – there are three incision points: around the nipple, the breast fold, and under the arm. Knowing the incision points gives you an idea where you will find scarring.

– Implant placement – you have two options for placement: under the muscle or under the breast tissue. You and your surgeon can discuss which one is the best for your body.

– Cost – At your consultation, you will receive the final cost estimate for your procedure. Costs will cover anesthesia fees, the implants, and surgeon’s fees amongst many other things like testing.

At Marvel Cosmetic Surgery, our pricing is all-inclusive. When you meet with our expert team of surgeons, you’ll receive one-on-one attention to answer all of your questions and help you develop a procedural plan that’s right for you. With payments as low as $99 a month, there’s no better time to call and book a consultation at 615-205-9771.