Facial Implants

Redefine Your Face for More Balance and Volume

Many people are unhappy with a specific part of their face. Whether it’s an undefined jaw, a weak chin, or sunken cheekbones, facial implants can restore volume, add definition and improve the overall balance of your face. The results are subtle and natural, yet they provide a dramatic improvement.

The best candidates for facial implants are those whose head has reached physical maturity, which happens around the late teen years. Ideal chin implant patients have a normal dental bite. If you do not have a normal dental bite, more extensive jaw surgery may be required to correct this.

Dr. Marvel will go over your medical history with you during your initial consultation. If you have immune system problems, cardiac problems, or are a smoker, you may not be a suitable candidate.

Facial Implants – What to Expect

Facial implants procedures depend on the type of implant chosen. For example, jaw or cheek implant patients will have an incision made on the inside of the mouth for the point of insertion, while chin implants can be inserted either through the inside of the mouth or beneath the chin for minimal scarring.

Once the implant is placed, your surgeon will close the incision using either absorbent sutures or stitches that will be removed later. Following your facial implants procedure, you can expect some swelling, numbness, discomfort and restricted movement treatment area. These symptoms will eventually subside, and you will be left with the beautiful and balanced facial structure that you’ve always wanted.

Facial implants prices vary depending on the specific procedure chosen. All of this will be discussed during your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Marvel, so give us a call today and a member of our team would be happy to schedule that for you. We look forward to helping you reach your aesthetic goals.

It’s important to have realistic expectations of your results. Please call us today to schedule a consultation615-329-3900.