Everything You Need to Know About Tummy Tucks

Tummy Tucks

The midsection can be a sensitive area for many people, especially now during swimsuit season. For those who have drastically lost weight, recently had a child, or possibly gained weight, dealing with excess skin and fat around the tummy can be frustrating. Fortunately for most, a Tummy Tuck procedure can easily restore the midsection appearance that you desire. If you are considering this procedure, here is everything you need to know about tummy tucks.

Mini Tummy Tuck vs. Traditional Tummy Tummy Tuck

First and foremost, there are two different kinds of tummy tucks available. There is a Mini Tummy Tuck that focuses on the lower abdomen, tightening the muscles and reducing ing loose skin. A mini tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that flattens the look of the belly, but with less invasive techniques than a standard tummy tuck. Or there is a traditional tummy tuck that focuses on a larger area of the torso.

Regardless of which option you choose, the procedure itself is beneficial for those who are roughly within 20% of their ideal body weight. The results are permanent, but as with most procedures involving fat, any form of weight gain will alter the effects. It’s important to note that a tummy tuck shouldn’t be used as a method to lose weight. If there are unhealthy eating habits at play, the results of the tummy tuck will only be superficial.

Good Candidates for Tummy Tucks:

The best candidates for Tummy Tucks are non-smokers who are physically healthy and at a stable weight, and who have realistic expectations of their results. To get a better idea of the results you can likely expect, we recommend taking the time to research a qualified surgeon and viewing before and after photos.

Tummy Tucks After Childbirth

Tummy tucks are safe for women who have had children. It is wise, however, for a woman to only choose a tummy tuck once she’s decided to no longer have children, as the effects of childbirth could alter the result of the original surgery. 

Length of Procedure & Recovery

The length of the surgery will vary depending on the amount of work you wish to have done. Tummy tucks are a surgical procedure that requires the individual to undergo anesthesia and could take several weeks of recovery – as do most surgical procedures. That being said, it is wise to do your research to find a cosmetic surgeon that has the correct qualifications to achieve the results you want. We also recommend looking at before and after photos.

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