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Mommy Makeover — Combination Procedure

mommy makeover combination procedure

Today’s women no longer have to hide or conceal the areas of the body they’re uncomfortable with following their pregnancy. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Marvel offers a plastic surgery solution known as the mommy makeover. 

A mommy makeover is a combination of body-contouring procedures that work harmoniously to restore the figure you had before your body’s radical changes. Some of the more common procedures that go into a mommy makeover are the tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast augmentation.

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Neck Lift — Aging Combination Procedure

Neck Lift as part of a combination procedure.Many people who seek to gain a younger-looking appearance overlook one of the most visible areas on our body, an area that also happens to be an obvious giveaway for our true age. Though the face is often given the most care and attention, the neck is a delicate area of skin that tends to show our age more clearly than most other places on our body. The neck lift procedure is designed to combat wrinkles, sagging and excess fat in this region in order to complete your youthful presentation.

A neck lift is typically performed as an outpatient combination procedure. The operation itself should take about an hour but could vary depending on the extent of the lift and whether it will be performed in combination with another procedure. Most patients can expect to be discharged home on the same day as the surgery. It’s important that they arrange for a ride home because driving will not be an option.

For more details about the neck lift, contact the Nashville office of Dr. Jeffrey Marvel 19to set up a personal consultation. There, any questions and concerns will be addressed in full.