Everything You Need to Know About Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is an invasive surgical procedure that shapes the labia by removing excess tissue. Though it has been around for many years, an increase in the popularity of pubic waxing and hair removal has coincided with the increased requests to have this surgery.

Labiaplasty vs Vaginoplasty

First things first, it’s worth mentioning the differences between labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. In labiaplasty, the surgeon’s goal is removing excess skin on the “lips” that surround the vagina. The surgery can focus on the inner or outer portion of the lips, but it’s worth noting that labiaplasty doesn’t actually “tighten” the vaginal wall. This procedure is strictly cosmetic and can help anyone who is looking to improve the appearance of their labia. If tightening the inner muscles is what you desire, you should consider vaginoplasty. Many women, especially those who have had children, might find both procedures (called “vaginal rejuvenation”) to be very beneficial.

When you should consider labiaplasty

True indicators for ideal candidates can be found in the size of the labia minora (the inner lips). There are some women who find that the swelling or size hinders their ability to wear tampons and also brings about chafing that causes discomfort. Other candidates might find the lengths of their labia walls vastly different and may desire a cosmetic change to even them out. While these issues can sometimes be hereditary, some women might find they experience these issues after childbirth. Any functional abnormalities that interfere with normal activities are easily rectifiable through this procedure.

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