Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Safe?

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Safe?

Tired of spending hours in the gym doing squats and still not getting the results you want? You may be a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift. A Brazilian Butt Lift is a great option for those who are looking to not only shape their bottom, but also trim the waistline. This procedure uses your own body fat to enhance your shape and give you the curves you’ve always wanted.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a cosmetic procedure that uses fat from your own body to shape your backside and enhance your curves. Using your own body fat will give the most natural looking and incredible results.

Some butt lifts require implants, but this isn’t the case with the BBL. With BBL, the surgeon can remove fat from the abdomen, back, stomach, or thighs. The removed fat is then purified before it is injected into the buttocks to create a rounder, shapely contour. Having various injection points gives the doctor the ability to control the contouring and final shape.

How safe is BBL?

In general, BBL is a very safe procedure. But as with any other major cosmetic procedure, do your research and make sure you choose a surgeon who is very experienced in performing Brazilian Butt Lifts.  

Another benefit of BBL is that it involves Fat Transfer (also known as fat grafting) to move excess fat from one part of the body to another. This type of procedure significantly lowers your risk of infection. Infection can sometimes take place if the body rejects unwanted or foreign substances. However, in a BBL procedure you’re using your own fat cells, which your body is more likely to accept.

Using your own fat will also give you a more natural curve and feel. Patients often wonder if the results are as long lasting compared to using implants. And, the answer is yes. Having a BBL offers powerful and immediate results

The Right Candidate for a BBL

Anyone who is not seeing the firm, round shape they would like to achieve from workouts alone, a BBL is a great solution. This procedure will give you the firm, round shape you desire. Those with stretch marks, cellulite, and loose, hanging skin, also benefit from this type of procedure as it provides an opportunity to tighten and tone.

The Recovery

There are at least a few weeks of recovery for anyone who undergoes a BBL.  Expect some bruising and swelling immediately following the procedure in the buttocks and where the fat cells were harvested. Your doctor will prescribe medication to help alleviate any pain. Some patients might notice fluid draining from the incision, which is perfectly normal. You’ll just need to keep an eye on it and alert your doctor if there is anything unique or different about the fluid change.

A critical component to the success of a BBL is not sitting on your buttocks for a few weeks. Sitting on your bottom immediately after your procedure will reduce the flow of circulation, which may stunt your results.

Following your doctor’s after care instructions is an absolute must.

Is BBL right for you?

The first step towards a defined backside starts with a consultation. Our consultations are completely free of charge and give you the opportunity to speak directly with one of our doctors about the results you’re looking for.

Ready to see if BBL is right for you? Give us a call today at 615-861-8174 to book your FREE consultation.

Everything You Need to Know About Lipo 360

Everything You Need to Know About Lipo 360

Getting the sexy curves and sleek figure you’ve always wanted is now easier than ever before! We are excited to announce that Marvel Cosmetic Surgery now offers Lipo 360, an all-inclusive liposuction procedure to contour and shape the midsection!

Swimsuit season will be here before you know it! Now is the time to find out how we can help you transform your body and create a dynamic yet natural looking result. Read on to discover everything you need to know about Lipo 360.

What is Lipo 360?

Lipo 360 is an all-inclusive liposuction procedure that is used to contour and shape the midsection, 360 degrees around. The possible areas for treatment are the upper and lower abdominals, the flanks on both sides, and the lower and mid-back.

We utilized the best cosmetic surgery practices to develop a comprehensive range of liposuction procedures designed to lift, tone, and contour your body. What makes this procedure truly unique is the ability to give you the custom results that you want.

How Lipo 360 Works

First, you’ll meet with a patient care coordinator and one of our surgeons. They will listen to your needs and make recommendations based on how you’d like to shape and define your body.

Lipo 360 uses a vacuum to target and suction fat from specific areas in the midsection. Our surgeons use special techniques to accentuate your natural curves and create a dramatic yet natural-looking result. In some cases, the surgeon may also use a laser in addition to traditional liposuction to help melt fat and tighten the skin.

Another added benefit of Lipo 360 is that it does not require general anesthesia. Most patients require only IV sedation for this procedure.

The Recovery

Downtime for Lipo 360 is minimal and most patients can return to normal activities within just a few days. But with any surgical procedure, downtime can vary, and following post-op instructions is a must. Your doctor will provide you with specific guidelines to follow to ensure you get the best results and heal quickly. Be prepared to avoid strenuous activities and exercise following your procedure as your body will need time to heal.

The Right Candidate for Lipo 360

The ideal candidate for Lipo 360 will be within their ideal body weight and someone looking to remove fat from trouble areas that are not easily fixed by exercise alone. Lipo 360 works wonders because it targets both small and large areas of the body to contour and shape.

Getting the curves you’ve always wanted is possible with Lipo 360 and starts with a FREE consultation to meet with one of our doctors. At your consultation you will discuss the results you desire and have the opportunity to ask any questions.

Start your journey today by giving us a call at 615-861-8174.

Best Skin Care Procedures for Your Twenties, Thirties, and Forties

Best Skin Care Procedures for Your Twenties, Thirties, and Forties

No matter your age, there is a procedure that can help your skin look and feel its best! For skin that is healthy and vibrant, knowing what to expect at each age and stage is the best way to decide which procedure is right for improving your skin’s appearance, regardless of the change. 


You may have heard the often repeated phrase, “the decisions we make in our twenties can affect us the rest of our life.” This is especially true when it comes to our skin! During our twenties, many of us can experience acne- even if we never did as teenagers.

Sun damage, freckles, dark spots, and the beginnings of wrinkles also may start developing during this period of our lives. When it comes to anti-aging, prevention is key! Some of us may begin to develop fine lines around the corners of our mouths, forehead, and crow’s feet.

Your twenties are a great time to get serious about skincare regiments and cosmetic treatments that focus on anti-aging. Botox and Dysport work fantastically to prevent the formation of deep lines. Gentle laser treatments like Clear + Brilliant are also great for young skin, as they address pigmentation and increase skin porosity.

If you are experiencing early signs of skin sagging or laxity, CO2 Resurfacing treatments can be a great option.


At this point, it’s likely you will begin to develop some wrinkles or small dark spots on your skin. You may have lost some elasticity, since our skin’s collagen production slows as we age.

If you haven’t already begun Botox treatments, your thirties are a great time to start. Botox relaxes face muscles that cause wrinkles, and also works to smooth existing wrinkles and prevent new ones from developing.

Laser skin resurfacing can help to treat everything from uneven textures to dark spots, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. There are a variety of different cosmetic lasers available.

While light chemical peels can be great as skin refreshers, using a medium to deep peel will provide a more intense, targeted treatment. These procedures increase skin tightening, brighten skin tone, and improve overall texture. Facial fillers like Juvederm and Restylane can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that may have begun to appear throughout the face.


This period is when women begin to see the most changes in their skin. Wrinkles become more visible, and incorporating regular monthly facials into your skincare routine becomes a must. Because your skin is no longer producing natural structural elements, specifically collagen, as quickly as it did in your 20s and 30s, you may notice one of more of the following: duller complexion, hooding of the eyelids, reduced elasticity in the face, and more pronounced laxity on the face and neck.

Luckily, there are a variety of procedures that can easily address any changes you’ve begun to notice in your skin!

CO2 Resurfacing is a more aggressive type of fractional resurfacing that helps to improve the tone of skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm Voluma, can be some of the best anti-aging skincare treatments for your 40s. These fillers smooth fine lines and wrinkles, add volume and definition to lips, and add contour to the face to recreate the fuller, more supple look of younger skin.

Not sure which procedure is right for you? Contact Marvel Cosmetic Surgery at 615-538-0399 to discuss your needs and get started on the path to your best skin!

How to Maintain Your Curves After a Liposuction Treatment

How To Maintain Your Curves After a Liposuction Treatment

If you’re struggling with stubborn or unwanted fat, liposuction can be a great solution! There are a variety of procedures that can be tailored to fit your needs and help you reach your goals.

Before making the decision to try liposuction, many people worry and wonder if they will lose their natural curves following the procedure. Thankfully, this is extremely rare! Most people are more than able to maintain their curves following their surgery. In fact, many people get the curves they have always wanted, in all the right places, following their procedure.

Liposuction is a procedure that is catered towards each individual person’s body. Initially, a surgeon will meet with you to discuss your needs and wants. Since liposuction is a “sculpting” procedure, both precision of the surgeon and the meticulousness of the technique help create the patient’s ideal body.

No matter what procedure you choose, maintaining a healthy lifestyle following the surgery is the best way to ensure that your results are lasting.

Exercising, eating well, drinking water, and reducing your stress levels are some of the best ways to keep your post-op body. 

Exercise has a myriad of benefits that go far beyond helping to maintain your surgery results. Staying active improves your overall health and has been linked to wellness benefits too, like reduced depression and anxiety.

Liposuction works to smooth out bulging areas of our bodies. The best way to keep your results is to stick to a diet low in fat, sugar, and processed food. Fruits, vegetables, protein-rich foods, and foods that are low in fat are the best choices for any person’s health, whether they have completed liposuction or not. 

Increasing the amount of water that you drink also provides a variety of benefits. When it comes to weight loss surgery specifically, increased water consumption helps keep your weight stable and can even help you lose more weight. Drinking water before meals helps you feel fuller longer and can cut down on overeating. Choosing water over other caloric drinks is a great way to keep weight off.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, stress is one of the biggest causes of weight gain. When we are stressed or overwhelmed, our body raises the levels of cortisol in our system. These increased cortisol levels can lead to cravings, meaning we eat more than we need and also foods that are unhealthy for us. Reducing stress is different for every person, but most everyone can benefit from a consistent, predictable routine and a more positive outlook. Yoga, meditation, baths, and practicing gratitude are a few other ways that many people reduce stress.

If you’re ready to customize your curves, contact Marvel Cosmetic at 615-538-0399 for your free consultation today!

Is 2019 Your Year for a Mommy Makeover?

Portrait Of Happy Mother And Daughter.

If you’re a mom, it’s likely that you spend the majority of your time thinking about and catering to others. Your newborn, your older children, and maybe even your spouse: each have needs and wants that only you can handle.

Any woman who has been through the journey of pregnancy and breastfeeding knows firsthand the physical changes a women’s body goes through. These changes often linger long after the first year of pregnancy, and many women find it difficult to get back the body they had before delivering their child.

A Mommy Makeover can help with restoring lost confidence and gaining back a pre-baby body. You do so much for others…so why not consider treating yourself in 2019?!

What is a Mommy Makeover?

The term “Mommy Makeover” refers to a specialized procedure combining a variety of body contouring methods. Typically, this approach starts with breast and abdomen contouring and then adds additional elements as needed or requested by the patient.

Why should I get a Mommy Makeover?

This procedure is so popular because its components are tailored for each individual patient’s needs. Popular among celebrities and other Hollywood elite, a Mommy Makeover is the easiest way to get not only your pre-baby body back, but the body you’ve always wanted.

Not only is this procedure completely customizable, it works to help restore the shape and appearance of your body after childbirth. The procedures available to you include:

  • Breast lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Tummy tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Arm lift
  • Thigh lift
  • Buttock augmentation
  • Vaginal rejuvenation

And much more!

Am I an Ideal Candidate?

As long as you are finished with childbearing, in good medical health, and close to your ideal body weight, you are a fantastic candidate for a Mommy Makeover. It’s important to go into the surgery with a positive outlook and realistic expectations…for the best possible version of yourself and your body!

As 2018 winds to a close, and many of us start to think about resolutions and changes, why not make the decision to get the body you’ve always dreamed of? You deserve a Mommy Makeover, and you have MORE than earned it.

Why wait until 2019? Treat yourself now! Contact Marvel Cosmetic Surgery at 615-538-0399 to schedule your procedure today.

Best Procedures to Reduce Wrinkles and Restore Youthful Skin

Woman getting laser face treatment in medical spa center.

The effects of aging can be seen throughout the body, but they most commonly appear on our faces – which is often the first thing people notice.

However, there are now a variety of safe, affordable procedures for every type of skin rejuvenation. We can now restore the elastic, youthful skin we once had and reduce the wrinkles that have begun to appear…and it’s much easier than most people think.

Here, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite procedures and discuss the best options for those wishing for youthful, vibrant, wrinkle-free skin.

Corrective Facials help to rejuvenate facial skin, relax the mind, and restore beauty, all in a relaxing spa environment. We also offer a membership service for customized facials every month.

  • Clear and Brilliant® is a non-surgical, laser skin care treatment used to reduce the signs of aging and provide a more youthful, glowing appearance. It is a less invasive, gentler option than other fractional laser treatments.
  • SkinPen is a brand new, fractional, micro-needling device that tightens, lifts, and rejuvenates for smoother, firmer, younger looking skin: all with minimal discomfort! Marvel is the ONLY practice in Nashville that offers this cutting edge service, voted “Best New Aesthetic Device of the Year.”

Injectables and Dermal Fillers are the perfect option for men and women looking to correct wrinkles or folds and restore the contours and smoothness of the face. Roughly one million people annually choose injectables or dermal fillers because of their affordable cost and easy recovery, without extensive surgery.

  • Botox or Dysport (for larger areas) injectables work by relaxing the facial muscles to remove wrinkles on the forehead, around the corners of eyes, or on other areas of the face.
  • Juvederm and Restylane are fillers that provide natural-looking results by smoothing wrinkles and folds, or adding subtle enhancements and smoothing lines.
  • Voluma, Kybella, and Bellafill are used to correct specific areas of the face, including the nose, below the chin, and for the “laugh lines.”

Non-Surgical Facelift is a great option for patients wanting the benefit of a facelift without any incisions. Most people are familiar with a traditional Facelift, which helps to correct facial sagging, reduces wrinkles/fine lines, and provides an improved, more youthful appearance.

A Non-Surgical Facelift is great because it uses the body’s own existing stem cells found in fat tissue to help regenerate tissue. Benefits also include a more predictable outcome, a more cost-effective procedure, and the avoidance of synthetic fillers.

Not sure which facial improvement is the right fit for you? We offer every patient a risk-free, complimentary skin analysis before they undergo any procedure. This helps ensure that we are picking the best procedure to suit you and your specific needs, to bring out YOUR most beautiful skin.
Contact us today at 615-538-0399 to schedule your free consultation, and get ready to love the skin you’re in!

New Year, New You! Why 2019 is Your Year for Cosmetic Surgery

New Year, New You! Why 2019 is Your Year for Cosmetic Surgery

The new year is almost here, and we are looking forward to working with new patients and helping them achieve their goals. Our patients mean a lot to us, so we take time to understand their goals and to go above and beyond to create a treatment plan that will work specifically for them.

You would be surprised at the number of patients who wonder why it took them so long to pursue their procedure after they see their amazing results! There are many reasons why people delay treatment, so allow us to tell you why we believe 2019 is the best year for your cosmetic surgery!

Common Misbeliefs About Cosmetic Surgery

Here are the most common reasons we hear of why patients put off surgery:

  • Afraid the results won’t look natural
  • Being concerned they are too old
  • Not sure if it’s affordable
  • Wanting to achieve their goals without going under the knife
  • The safety of the procedures

Today with all the technology at our disposal doctors can provide patients with more tailored and natural looking results. In short, there hasn’t been a better time to consider cosmetic surgery!

Non-Invasive Procedures

One particular advancement that is revolutionizing the way cosmetic procedures are done in 2019 is the use of lasers.

Lasers enhance the epidermis in many ways. They tighten tissue, remove blemishes, reduce wrinkles, and give the skin a youthful appearance. Additionally, lasers are more targeted, so the precision is astonishing compared to what was offered just five years ago. What that means for you is the ability to get fantastic, natural results with less recovery time and light anesthesia.

Injections Offer More Options

The new year is all about a new you and if you want to improve the appearance of your skin by eliminating fine lines, wrinkles, and furrow lines, you no longer have to go under the knife! A treatment plan of injections can not only improve skin’s appearance but work as a preventative treatment to slow down the effects of aging. Through the use of fillers and Botox, patients can achieve a natural, youthful glow. If utilized appropriately, your treatment plan can also slow down the signs of aging. 

Breast Augmentation Has More Options

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the leading cosmetic procedures in the United States and will continue to be one of our most requested in 2019. Over the years, implant options have expanded, giving patients more customization over the final appearance and feel of the implant. While saline and silicone remain two of the most popular, the market is continuing to expand with a third option. “Gummy Bear” implants are a new product that mimics the natural contours of the breast with an emphasis of fullness on the bottom.

Don’t want implants? There’s an option for that as well! Fat transfers utilize the body’s fat to add volume without relying on an implant of any kind. This technique is perfect for women who are wanting a subtle increase in volume with an minimal scarring.

At Marvel Cosmetic Surgery, we are committed to delivering the most advanced techniques and procedures to give our patients the best possible results. Our board-certified doctors are updating their expertise with continued education and providing procedures that are unique, customizable, safe, and yield natural-looking results. Learn more by contacting our offices at 615-329-3900.

What Happens During Eyelid Surgery?

Did you know that eyelid surgery isn’t just for cosmetic purposes? While many patients undergo this type of surgery to have double eyelids, there are also those who have functional problems that necessitate the need to undergo eyelid surgery, shares Dr. Alton Ingram MD. For eyelid surgery, one example of a functional need for it is to remove loose or sagging skin that may be impairing a patient’s vision.

The Steps for Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Regardless of purpose or intent to undergo eyelid surgery, the procedure is more or less the same. Dr. Alton Ingram MD shares that patients must first determine whether they are a candidate for the procedure. In general, the best candidates for eyelid surgery should be healthy individuals, non-smokers, have realistic expectations, and do not have any serious eye conditions. The best way to find out if you’re a candidate is to consult your plastic surgeon. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your facial anatomy and determine the best course of action for your concerns or goals.

On the day of the procedure, the surgeon will first administer anesthesia, which can either be general anesthesia or through intravenous sedation.

Next, the surgeon will make an incision on the natural creases of the eyelid. Depending on the goal of the surgery, the surgeon may remove or reposition fat deposits, tighten muscles, or remove excess skin, shares Dr. Alton Ingram MD.

After that the surgeon will now close the incision. Because it’s done on the natural creases of the eyelid, the resultant scars will be well-concealed. In general, it takes a week before the sutures can be removed.

Finally, patients are given post-procedure care instructions by their surgeon as they may experience bruising and swelling during the recovery period.

This is a general outline of the steps in an eyelid surgery procedure.

You can get more information by visiting Dr. Tup’s personal blog

5 Tips for Optimized Plastic Surgery Recovery

So, you had an expert plastic surgeon execute a successful procedure (which may or may not have been performed by an experienced specialist like Tup Ingram, MD) and now you’re entering the recovery phase.

In order to enjoy optimum results, it’s equally important that you and your surgeon nail the aftercare process.

The good news is that modern plastic surgery procedures are totally safe and more popular than ever. There are also minimally invasive procedures for those who need non-surgical alternatives.

However, cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are still considered surgery, and some of them come with lengthy recovery times attached. Even the most simple procedures require some amount of recovery time.

But there are ways you can speed up your recovery process. Just like with any time you’re given in this life, what you do with your recovery time is what counts. If you’re able to follow some (or all) of these tips for your post-operative care, you’ll come out of your procedure in the best shape possible.

Read on for ways to recover more quickly from plastic surgery, that way you can get back to your normal life ASAP!

Follow All Instruction

It’s important to follow instructions for aftercare, whether you get them from Dr. Ingram or another plastic surgery specialist. You’ll be given a comprehensive packet of information regarding your specific procedure that will give you the path to a full and optimized recovery.

Take Plenty of Time off Work

Patients should always plan ahead and get the requisite amount of time off until suitable to engage in the demands of everyday employment. You don’t want to go back too early and compromise your results or re-injure yourself.

Gain a Support System

Have friends and family ready to pitch in. You’ll need someone to give you a ride to and from the procedure. You’ll also want someone to preferably wait on you and get you things and retrieve objects so that you aren’t tasked with doing it, initially. That way you can get the cooking and cleaning done that you need to stay comfortable.

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Stay on Top of a Good Diet

Your body responds when you give it good, clean fuel to work with. A nutritious, calorie-rich diet will even help speed your recovery. Have ready-to-eat meals if that will make things easier.

Pamper Yourself a Little Bit

This might mean having tasty, post-surgery-friendly treats at the waiting, or even having your favorite movies or shows queued up to catch up on. Give yourself the love and care you need and you will have the best possible chances of making a fantastic recovery, so you can enjoy your lasting results.

Stay Away from Exercise

Make sure you relish in this one. Normally regular exercise is an important part of living a balanced life of health and wellness. But, when you’re recovering, it’s important that you don’t exert yourself or go through intense exercise, though it might be a difficult task if you’re heavily active normally. It’ll be worth it in the end and exercise isn’t going anywhere, it will be there for you when you’re physically ready.

Be on the lookout for more information about how to optimize your recovery and your wellness.

Visit Dr. Tup Ingram’s personal blog at for more!

Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser and Cosmetic Procedures

Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser and Cosmetic Procedures

Some people are still under the misconception that you should not undergo cosmetic procedures or laser treatments during the winter. However, this is one of the best times of year for these treatments! A weaker sun means less sensitivity and an easier healing process for your skin. Additionally, you can spend more time healing indoors, so by summer you’re ready to show off your fabulous results!

Read below to discover why winter is a great time of year for a cosmetic procedure or laser treatment.

You Have Time to Plan Ahead

A concern most cosmetic surgeons hear from patients is they would like to recover in private and they want the post-op to be discrete so that they can heal comfortably. Planning your procedure around the holidays allows you to take advantage of some of the time off already allocated to you.

More Conducive to Treatment Plans

If you want to take advantage of the age reversing benefits of lasers, you’re looking at multiple sessions to get your desired results. These treatments are spread out because your skin needs time to heal in between. Cosmetic surgeons will also recommend that you avoid sun exposure. In winter, this is much easier to do because we naturally spend more time indoors.

You’ll Be Ready for Summer

When summer creeps up on us, we start thinking about fitting into swimsuits, shorts, and dresses. However, when you are considering laser treatments or cosmetic surgery you have to include recovery time. Undergoing procedures in the winter means you have plenty of time for your skin to heal and the swelling to go down, so you’ll be ready to show off your new self by summer.

Your Skin is Lighter

Give your summer tan time to fade before you book your laser treatments because they tend to work better on lighter skin. Lasers have an easier time penetrating the epidermis when your skin is at its lightest hue. So, if you wait until fall and winter, the treatment will be more effective.

UVA Won’t Damage Results

The goal of a laser treatment is to heal and repair you skin. However, being outdoors in the sun you are exposed to UVA rays, which damage to the skin. Since the sun’s power is much lower in the winter, you will receive less damage. Even if you apply sunscreen, waiting until the fall or winter is still a better option.

There is Less Sensitivity

Not only does the sun and UVA rays damage your skin, but they make it incredibly sensitive, which will also interfere with your results. The goal after a procedure is to heal properly. Spending more time inside means you will recover better and give your body the self-care it needs post-op.

The Additional Layers Are Protective

Part of a laser treatment or cosmetic procedure’s recovery might include redness, swelling, and sometimes flaky skin. By adding winter layers, you are providing an extra layer of protection between your new delicate skin and harsh elements. You can also use these layers to hide any bandages and temporary swelling you might encounter while recovering.

Laser treatments and cosmetic procedures help define silhouettes and improve the skin’s appearance. Whatever it is you want to enhance, reduce, define, shape, or smooth, there are practical solutions available to you this winter!   

At Marvel Cosmetic Surgery, we offer a comprehensive list of laser and cosmetic procedures. We provide patients with the most advanced processes to get unparalleled results with an emphasis on care. Call us today at 615-329-3900 to see how we can help you get your desired results!