Non Incisional Facelift Nashville

What is a Non-Incisional Facelift?

Marvel Cosmetic Surgery is excited to offer the state-of-the-art-technology in fat transfer for injectable stem cell facelifts, or non-incisional facelifts. Say goodbye to traditional fat transfer techniques that require overfilling and multiple devices and say hello to the Adivive™ fat transfer system, the all-in-one device that is revolutionizing non-incisional facelift procedures.

To learn more about the benefits of a non-incisional facelift, to inquire about non-incisional facelift costs, or to request some non-incisional facelift before and after pictures, give our Nashville office a call today and we’d be happy to guide you in the right direction.

What are the Benefits of a Non-Incisional Facelift?

Patients requesting fillers for a non-incisional facelift are eager for dramatic, long-lasting results. Using one’s own fat to give a more youthful appearance to the face has been an accepted procedure for the last 20 years. But up to now, the amount of fat that survived from harvesting to transfer has traditionally been unpredictable and often discouraging.

Traditional fat transfer technologies require manual work and multiple systems to harvest, process, and re-inject patient-derived fat tissue. The Adivive system for non-incisional facelift streamlines each step of the procedure. To see the full benefits for yourself, please take a look at some non-incisional facelift before and after pictures.

How Does a Non-Incisional Facelift Work?

Non-incisional facelift procedures are far less invasive than traditional face lift surgeries. Highly concentrated fat is very rich in mesenchymal-derived stem cells. These stem cells are important because they have the ability to differentiate into cells that produce new collagen, elastin, blood vessels, and other types of tissues which rejuvenate the skin and subcutaneous tissues. The mesenchymal cells are readily harvested from your fat without the need of any manipulation or tissue culturing. By concentrating the donor fat and stem cells, this can significantly improve fat tissue for re-injection and long-lasting volume retention.

What are Non-Incisional Facelift Costs?

Non-Incisional Facelift costs vary from patient to patient, depending on their specific needs and goals. However, most of our patients in Nashville, Henderson, Smyrna and the surrounding areas are happy to know that harvesting your own fat can be more cost-effective than using some types of synthetic fillers!
Please give us a call today and we would be happy to give you an estimate of the price based on your criteria.